Friday, December 4, 2009

How to choose a Pendulum

I say how to choose, but really the pendulum chooses you.

When we set up for a show, we have a rack that holds many different kinds of pendulums, almost every time someone walks up, a certain pendulum will catch their eye, and that is the pendulum they end up getting, even after they have tried out several more.

Most of today's pendulums are made of semi-precious stones. If you are determined to pick the pendulum and not let it pick you, you can choose according to the stones metaphysical property.

All rocks are living things, they are all still growing, just not at a rate we can see with our human eyes. They have an energy vibration and that helps determine what they can do for us.

For instance: Amethyst is the stone of balance. If you carry it within your aura, it can help you balance all aspects of your life. More on stones later in the blog.

There are still more types. Pendulums are basically a pointed stone on a chain. Some people make them with a long chain and insist you wrap the chain around your finger. We at c. Green make them with a shorter chain and another rounded stone as a handle. I have found that pendulums swing freer if you simply hold them by the handle.

To see our pendulums and more go to PENDULUMS

More on charts and history later.
And as always!
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