Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting your answers with a Pendulum

Did you know that pendulums are the best way for psychics to read for themselves?

You can use charts with your pendulums, which are a great way to learn to use a pendulum, or you can use a clothe or even your hand. It doesn't matter what you choose to hang your pendulum over as long as you establish where your answers lay. Charts and clothes are clearly marked but when you use something else you must let you pendulum make it's move.

Using a chart or clothe is pretty self explanatory, hold you pendulum by the handle, letting the point hang freely about an inch from the center of your chart, and ask your questions. The pendulum will swing in the direction of the right answer, as long as you follow the laws of pendulum use(see below).

Using the palm of your hand is very convenient. Simply hold your pendulum by the handle with the point about an inch or two above the center of your palm, letting it hang there. Then ask the pendulum to show you a yes. It will swing in the direction of all future yeses. Once it stops swinging, ask you pendulum to show you a no. It will swing in a different direction, that will be your no direction for as long as you use this pendulum. It is very rare for a pendulum to change where it's answers point.

Once you have established your answer directions, you are ready to start asking personal question, but before you do, there are a couple more things you should know.

1) Pendulums help you connect to your higher self, your psychic ability. Remember this when using your pendulums, if you abuse your gift it will be taken away.

2) You can use you pendulum to help others, only if they ask for help. If you start asking questions about other people without their permission your answers, you will begin to get broken erratic answers, and your pendulum will stop trusting you.

3) The more you practice and the more you use your pendulum the stronger the connection will be between you and your pendulum and the better and stronger your answers will be.

This should be most of what you need to get you started learning your pendulum. If you have any other questions or even comments please let me know.

As always.....
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