Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fine Tuning Your Pendulum

Hopefully by now we all have our pendulums. If not try looking here!

Now, there are a couple of other pieces of equipment you might find handy.
1) A bag to keep it in to protect your pendulum while it is in your pocket or purse.
2) A pendulum chart is a great way to get started, they are great learning tools.
3) A pendulum Cloth is handy, the small ones fit in your bag for easy transport.

Fine-tuning your pendulum is easy enough.

One way to learn with your pendulum is to play a game of cards. (Remember you are both just getting to know each other, the more you work together the better the connection becomes.) From a deck of regular playing cards, remove a red 9 and black 10. Place the 9 and 10 about three inches apart, face up, on a table in front of you. Follow an imaginary line between the cards; come down below the cards about five inches and place a coin or something else small as a focal point. That will be where you hold your pendulum during this practice.

Hold your pendulum by its handle, letting it swing freely over the coin, Do not force it, do not swing it, let it have control.

Start practicing; ask your pendulum questions like show me the red card. Where is the black card? Where is the 9? Where is the 10? What is 5 + 5?

Try not to repeat the same question to many times your pendulum might get bored. You can do this exercise with different objects, just practice, practice, and practice.

Next time we start asking questions. Instructions with and without a charts.

Until then, as always,
Keep Rockin’

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