Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's next?

There are may other things you can do with you pendulum, map dowsing, mirror scrying, ghost hunting.....etc.

This blog is intended to help the beginners and intermediates learn more, or at least get started with these tools. So I do not plan on getting any deeper into pendulums, in this blog, unless someone has a specific question. Feel free to ask, using the comment section below, and I will do my best to answer them.

I believe I will start with dowsing rods next week. If there is something else you would like to talk about next, instead of dowsing rods, let me know.

Until then...when we first stated about pendulums, I had told you some about semi-precious stones. You can use the information(metaphysical properties) on the stones to choose your pendulums, heal and align your Chakras and even heal yourself.

I don't recommend you use rocks instead of a Doctors care, but using the knowledge gained about stones to help heal yourself can't hurt.

That said, I have decided to start a rock of the week blog to go hand in hand with this one. To learn more about semi-precious stone just click on the link on the right hand side of this page called rock of the week.

Until next week,
Keep Rockin'

Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting your answers with a Pendulum

Did you know that pendulums are the best way for psychics to read for themselves?

You can use charts with your pendulums, which are a great way to learn to use a pendulum, or you can use a clothe or even your hand. It doesn't matter what you choose to hang your pendulum over as long as you establish where your answers lay. Charts and clothes are clearly marked but when you use something else you must let you pendulum make it's move.

Using a chart or clothe is pretty self explanatory, hold you pendulum by the handle, letting the point hang freely about an inch from the center of your chart, and ask your questions. The pendulum will swing in the direction of the right answer, as long as you follow the laws of pendulum use(see below).

Using the palm of your hand is very convenient. Simply hold your pendulum by the handle with the point about an inch or two above the center of your palm, letting it hang there. Then ask the pendulum to show you a yes. It will swing in the direction of all future yeses. Once it stops swinging, ask you pendulum to show you a no. It will swing in a different direction, that will be your no direction for as long as you use this pendulum. It is very rare for a pendulum to change where it's answers point.

Once you have established your answer directions, you are ready to start asking personal question, but before you do, there are a couple more things you should know.

1) Pendulums help you connect to your higher self, your psychic ability. Remember this when using your pendulums, if you abuse your gift it will be taken away.

2) You can use you pendulum to help others, only if they ask for help. If you start asking questions about other people without their permission your answers, you will begin to get broken erratic answers, and your pendulum will stop trusting you.

3) The more you practice and the more you use your pendulum the stronger the connection will be between you and your pendulum and the better and stronger your answers will be.

This should be most of what you need to get you started learning your pendulum. If you have any other questions or even comments please let me know.

As always.....
Keep Rockin',

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fine Tuning Your Pendulum

Hopefully by now we all have our pendulums. If not try looking here!

Now, there are a couple of other pieces of equipment you might find handy.
1) A bag to keep it in to protect your pendulum while it is in your pocket or purse.
2) A pendulum chart is a great way to get started, they are great learning tools.
3) A pendulum Cloth is handy, the small ones fit in your bag for easy transport.

Fine-tuning your pendulum is easy enough.

One way to learn with your pendulum is to play a game of cards. (Remember you are both just getting to know each other, the more you work together the better the connection becomes.) From a deck of regular playing cards, remove a red 9 and black 10. Place the 9 and 10 about three inches apart, face up, on a table in front of you. Follow an imaginary line between the cards; come down below the cards about five inches and place a coin or something else small as a focal point. That will be where you hold your pendulum during this practice.

Hold your pendulum by its handle, letting it swing freely over the coin, Do not force it, do not swing it, let it have control.

Start practicing; ask your pendulum questions like show me the red card. Where is the black card? Where is the 9? Where is the 10? What is 5 + 5?

Try not to repeat the same question to many times your pendulum might get bored. You can do this exercise with different objects, just practice, practice, and practice.

Next time we start asking questions. Instructions with and without a charts.

Until then, as always,
Keep Rockin’

Friday, December 4, 2009

How to choose a Pendulum

I say how to choose, but really the pendulum chooses you.

When we set up for a show, we have a rack that holds many different kinds of pendulums, almost every time someone walks up, a certain pendulum will catch their eye, and that is the pendulum they end up getting, even after they have tried out several more.

Most of today's pendulums are made of semi-precious stones. If you are determined to pick the pendulum and not let it pick you, you can choose according to the stones metaphysical property.

All rocks are living things, they are all still growing, just not at a rate we can see with our human eyes. They have an energy vibration and that helps determine what they can do for us.

For instance: Amethyst is the stone of balance. If you carry it within your aura, it can help you balance all aspects of your life. More on stones later in the blog.

There are still more types. Pendulums are basically a pointed stone on a chain. Some people make them with a long chain and insist you wrap the chain around your finger. We at c. Green make them with a shorter chain and another rounded stone as a handle. I have found that pendulums swing freer if you simply hold them by the handle.

To see our pendulums and more go to PENDULUMS

More on charts and history later.
And as always!
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our First Tool - Pendulums

I will be posting the pendulum blog in the next day or two.
I want to apologize for missing the last two days, been busy.

I have made a decision and it is Pendulums.

I will be posting the info in the next day or two, I wanted to give everyone time to get their pendulums out and ready.

I also want everyone to know that this is not going to be a history lesson.
I will give very little history, if you want details web research is easy enough.

I will give you basic what, where, when and how to.

After I post, I hope to get your feedback, questions comments and most important, suggestions. Especially on what you would like to see next.

This is a link to our pendulum shopping page:
C. Green pendulums.

Please email me if I can help!
And as always,
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Divining Tools to be Discussed

Most of the tools in the Metaphysical, New Age, Paranormal, Wicca and Pagan worlds etc. are DIVINATION tools. Tools used to divine the future.

Here is a partial list of these tools I hope to cover:

Tarot Cards
Runes - 18 Sacred, Elder, Younger
Playing Cards - Cartomancy
I Ching
Ouija Boards
Tea Leaves
Crystal Balls
Numbers - Numerology
Hands - Palmistry
Head Bumps - Phrenology
Hand Writing - Graphology
The Stars - Astrology
Dowsing Rods
Semi-precious Stones

These are not in any particular order. I will jump around, but hope to finish everything on the list and more. Everyone has to start somewhere.

All of this information will soon be available in my book.
I will let you know when it is ready for purchase.
Every follower of this site will get a discounted price, of course!:-)

Please email me if there is a certain tool you would like to start with.
You can purchase several of these from our web site.
We also have a large selection of self-help charts on many of these subjects.
We are always developing new item, please check back often.
As always,
Keep Rockin'

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things to remember

When working with metaphysical tools, there are things we need to keep in mind to reach our full potential. Some of these will be self explanatory and some will not.
I will explain more as we actually begin discussing each tool.

Tools are not toys, do not play with them.

Sharing confuses the energy of your tool. Have your own!

Have a purpose, scattered thoughts create scattered out come.

Tools help us connect to our Higher Self. Treat your tools accordingly.

You can use your tools to help others, if they want you too.

Never try to read a person with out their permission.

The more you use your tools, the stronger the connection becomes.

Practice, practice, practice!

There is a lot more to tell you, but this is a good start. As we begin to discuss each tool, we will go over many more dos and don'ts.
Please email me or post any questions or comments you might have.
I am doing this for you. I hope it helps.
Keep Rockin'

What tool would you like to start with???